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    Mod Menu Loader Instructions:

    1: Run Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, stay in the main lobby (where you can see your Fall Guy).

    2: Alt&Tab / Ctrl&Esc to the folder with the loader in it and run the Mod Games Fall guys cheat menu exe.

    3: Once the cheat has finished injecting and you can see it in the top left corner of your screen, Press F9 to load the Level Helper Menu.

    4: Adjust/set the menu to the cheats you want enabled, press insert to adjust speed, disable stun etc.

    5: Play the game with your Mod Menu and enjoy!


    Cheat Download Requirements:

    Your Windows 10 Version Needs to be On or Below: 1909, you can find a guide HERE or on the Fall guys Mod Menu product page. If you have updated ahead of time to version 2004 of windows the cheat may still work but none of our tests have been done on this windows version so we can’t guarantee compatibility.

    You need to be running a x64 | 64Bit Windows 10


    You can see simple instructions to find out HERE or on the Fall Guys Mod Menu Product Page


    Why is my cheat not injecting into the game?

    This will most likely happen if you have any Antivirus ( Avast/Norton/McAfee etc..) or Windows Defender enabled, before you load the menu make sure all antivirus and windows defender is disabled. HERE is a guide to show you how to disable windows defender.


    Windows defender and antivirus are disabled, why is my cheat still not injecting?

    This could be that you don’t have all of the latest Microsoft Visual C++ files installed, you can download these on the Fall Guys Mod Menu product page at the bottom of the page, you can download it from our server HERE or alternatively from the following websites HERE or on the product page.


    “I have followed the guide and I’m still having issues”

    It will be unlikely that you will have issues if you have followed the information above, however if you do still have issues feel free to contact one of our modders on the integrated messaging on our website or our discord server which you can join HERE; You will usually get a quicker response on Discord.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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