1hr 💰 Money Drop Lobby 💰


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💰 Invite your friends or go solo & the money will rain for an hour! 💰

Use organization chat commands to spawn any vehicles, weapons, ammo, armor snacks etc..

On average 1 money drop method drops 2.5k every second earning you $150,000 per minute which in turn will net you about 9 million in an hour depending on the amount on people being dropped on in the session and your internet ping/speed.


Please enter your Rockstar/GTAV Username for session invite.

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GTA V 1hr 💰 Money Drop Lobby 💰

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We will create a empty public session and invite you in, We will then give you 10-15min to invite friends if you wish to.

Money can be dropped directly on you two ways: above you or around you both ways can be enabled for maximum cash per second we can also drop cash on any location on the map.

Once everyone who should be in the session is in we can lock the session to auto kick any other users who try and join you, your friends or the session.

While in that session we will enable chat commands that allow you to spawn vehicles, weapons, ammo, health snacks etc.. It will also allow you to grief or kick anyone in the session this can be enabled for any of your friends as well.
If your fill your garage beforehand with free vehicles you can replace them with spawned vehicles.

There is no way of knowing how much cash you will make as this is very dependent on where in the world you are and the quality of your internet connection as well as how many people are in the session.

Typically with just one money drop method turned on it will drop 2.5k every second earning you $150,000 per minute which in turn will net you about 9 million in an hour, However if you have a decent ping and good upload/download you could get close to double that figure more if other drop methods are used as well.

Our modders will be monitoring so if anyone wants to stop getting dropped on but remain in the session just message “Turn Me Off” and we will.

In the rare case that you connection/ping is slowing the drop speed we can get another modder to join the session using a vpn set to your location and they will also begin dropping cash 💰




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