Phasmophobia Progress Update


We have had a lot of setbacks with this game, first off the game had a substantial update (IL2CPP Update) this meant we had to switch to the menu we were working on for the beta version lucky we had been working on this already, but we felt that we couldn’t release it until we had added more functions to make it as close to feature rich as the previous menu, The last thing we want to do is release a updated +9/10 menu when coming from a +45 feature menu


so we brought in another coder to the team “Ozguy” and spent a LOT of time re-discovering the functions/offsets to control/teleport ghosts, trigger events etc.. we were hours away from releasing the updated menu and then one of our testers reported back that they had just run our new menu on their alt setup and it was not fetching the required files, we quickly discovered that the author of melon loader (HerpDerpinstine) the mod loader that we are using to run our new menu, deliberately removed the required files from his github in an effort to combat cheating?? (yes he is the author of a “MOD” loader..) Anyway a minor issue we forked the source code and simply added one of our own cdn servers as a source for the required unity dependencies and crisis averted


because this was a reasonable change to the loader we redistributed the new version to our testers and all was well until around 8-9 hours ago when build version (5784175) was pushed through as a steam update that added detection for melon loader, we knew this was coming as it was in the developer roadmap and already implemented in the beta version 2 days before but we figured that we would still have weeks+ until this was added to the main version of the game.


Unfortunately the game devs had other plans.. So now we have to try different ways of bypassing detection or again we have to change everything 🙁


We will renew/extend ALL existing phasm0d customers when we have another release ready and will notify everyone by email